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We can't give an exact time of arrival. When an appointment is given, arrival time will be within a window of 30 minutes. Every groom is different and we want to give the best care to the pet and clients as possible. We also allow for traffic, construction, bad weather, etc.


All cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. A $25 fee will be assessed for those appointments not canceled in that time frame. Please call the following number to cancel or re-schedule your appointment: 817-597-6538


Due to the fact of working on a scheduled route, fuel costs, etc., if the groomer arrives and no one is home at the time of appointment the client will be charged the entire amount of the scheduled service.


This procedure is very stressful and painful for your pet. De-matting will be done if the matting is at a minimum. Severely matted dogs will be recommended for a shave down upon client approval. If client does not approve, we may recommend another groomer, as we will not put the animal through a long and painful process!


On occasion we may encounter a pet that is too aggressive or too anxious to be groomed! We will stop immediately and discuss other options. We will not put your pet or the groomer in any danger.

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